Butterfly, Linda Broadfoot

Linda L. Broadfoot
Cithaerias pyropina, Pyropine Ghost Satyr, 2002

Photomacrograph; 20x24 Polaroid Camera; original photographic process used Polaroid image transfer onto Fabriano paper (receiver) and was produced at the Polaroid Studio, NYC January 24, 2002.
Atlantic Beach, Florida, United States

While investigating some of nature’s wonders as new subjects for my artwork, several butterfly specimens were borrowed from the Museum of Entomology, Florida State Collection of Arthropods, in Gainesville, Florida. These were photographed using the 20 × 24 Polaroid camera in New York, one of five such cameras in the world using simple flat lighting to reveal color and structure. To create this image an initial camera exposure was made using the 5-foot-tall, 235-pound view camera and then the dyes from the Polaroid film receptor sheet were pressed into a large dampened sheet of watercolor paper. Rubbing and pushing the transferred dyes by hand refined the final photograph’s appearance, which was desired to evoke the sense of a natural history document. This work is one of a series of over 60 images produced over the course of five years, culminating in an artists’ book, INSECTA.

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