Textiles As Art

Textiles As Arts The Antique textiles in this gallery include Chinese silks of the Tang to the Qing dynasties, Pre-Columbian South American textiles, Central Asian Ikat and Suzani, Renaissance and Medieval European objects, Coptic and Ancient textiles, Classical Islamic and Persian silks and velvets, as well as ethnographic Costumes and antique Kashmiry and Persian Shawls.
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Antique Indian Sari Design is drawn onto Silk in 4 colors Depicting a King riding an Elephant lead by Servants 1800 - 1900 A.D 224 x 39 in 570cm X 100cm

Image: Antique Persian Silk Embroidered Shoes Qajar Dynasty 1795 -1925 A.D Cf: A Survey of Persian Handicraft By jay & Sumi Gluck.

Image: Antique Zoroastrian Embroidered Wedding Shirt for a Woman Qajar Dynasty 1795 -1925 A.D

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