No more reflection of the moon in the water

The Chiyono nun studied during years but she was incapable to find the illumination. One night was transporting an old full water bucket. While she walked, she observed the moon reflected in the water of the bucket. Suddenly, the bamboo strips that held the pieces of the bucket broke and the bucket undid. The water was spilled and the reflection of the moon disappeared; and Chiyono was illuminated. The following verse wrote:

A way and another one I dealed with to maintain the bucket complete,
hoping that the weak bamboo never broke itself.
Suddenly, the bottom fell.
No more water; not more reflection of the moon in the water
emptyness in my hand.

The illumination is always like an accident because it is unforseeable, because you cannot manage it, you cannot cause that it happens. But you do not understand to me bad, because when I say that the illumination is like an accident, I am not saying that you do not make anything to obtain it. The accident only happens to which they do much so that it happens to them, although never it happens to them because of what they do. That to do is only the cause that creates the situation by which it tends to happen the accident, that is everything. This one is the meaning of that magnificent event.
I must say something of Chiyono. She was a very beautiful woman. When she was young, until the emperor and the princes they went after her. She refused because only she wanted to be loving of the divine thing. Shee went of monastery in monastery trying to become nun, but until the great teachers they refused -- they had to his position many monks and she was so beautiful that they would forget God and all the others. For that reason, there where she went, she found the doors closed.
What made Chiyono? She found an exit, the face was burned and filled it of scars. And later she went to a teacher who not even could recognize if she were man or woman. Then she was accepted like nun. She studied and meditated during thirty, forty years without stopping.
Then, suddenly, one night... was watching the moon reflected in the water bucket. The bucket fell suddenly, the water was spilled and the moon disappeared; that one was the detonating.
Always there is a crucial point in which the old thing disappears and the new thing begins, in that we appear again. That one was the crucial point. Suddenly, the water was spilled and no longer there was moon.
Then Chiyono must have watched upwards to see the true moon. She woke up suddenly to the fact that everything is a reflection, an illusion... When the bucket was broken, the mind also was broken. She was prepared. Everything what could be made already had been done.
The bottom fell suddenly... was an accident.
No more water, no more moon in the water; emptyness in my hand."

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