Cleaning the footpath of the garden

... Rikyu observed its Sho-an son while this one swept and watered the footpath of the garden. It is not enough it cleaned, said Rikyu when Sho-an finished his task, and ordered to him to continue cleaning. After one tedious hour, the son went to his father. ' Father, no longer can be done nothing else. I have washed to three times the steps, the stone lights and the trees are well dewy with water, moss and grass shines with a fresh verdor; I have left neither to a small branch nor a leaf on the floor. ' Young foolish, reprimanded to him the teacher of the tea, ' is not as well as it is necessary to sweep a footpath in the garden, shook a tree and it scattered gilded and carmesíes leaves throughout, fragments of the brocade of the autumn! ... Of the Book of the tea, Okakura Kakuzo

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